Quality Absorbent & Waterproof Fabrics

We're a UK based family owned and run online fabric retailer who specialises in absorbent, waterproof and organic fabrics which are perfect for making cloth sanitary products, incontinence items, nappies, food wraps, wet bags and so much more. We supply many global makers of CSP, nappies sandwich wraps who require quality fabrics, competitive prices and fast delivery ... all with fabulous service.

We are strongly focussed on the reduce, reuse, recycle ideology. So our supply of highly absorbent Zorb Fabrics, waterproof Food Safe PUL, high quality Organic Cottons, fabulous Sewing Threads and bargain KAM Snaps  is perfect for you to make reusable items and stop people buying disposable products.

Our aim is to provide fabulous fabrics, quality haberdashery, quick cost effective delivery and great service. Judging by all of our fabulous Reviews then we know we're doing this so take a look around and we're sure you'll find something you want to Add to Cart.

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