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Zorb® Original Fabric 60" Wide

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A re you making cloth sanitary products (CSP)? How about nappy inserts or nursing pads? Maybe even pet bedding or other absorbent product? You need a highly absorbent fabric to absorb and contain liquid. That fabric is Zorb.

Zorb is thin, light, quick drying, easy to sew and more absorbent than any other popular fabrics. It is a super absorbent fabric which was designed for nappy inserts so beats any other fabric for similar uses. It can be layered, as it is so thin, to increase the absorbency on levels which makes it very adaptable.

General Information
  • Innovative, super-absorbent hypoallergenic fabric uniquely engineered to rapidly capture and distribute moisture with superior holding capacity
  • Absorbs 10 times its weight in under 2 seconds and soaks up 20 times faster than other materials (bamboo, cotton, hemp knits)
  • Ideal for improving the performance of reusable absorbent products like bed pads, soakers, cloth diapers etc.
  • Use as an interlining layer between a face & backing 2 layers will replace 8 layers of flannel, 6 of french terry and 5 of fleece
  • Do not wash before stitching or serging between 2 fabrics
Care Instructions

No prewash. Wash hot. Stitch or serge between 2 fabrics before washing. Dry on medium heat. No Fabric softener. No Chlorine but Oxy bleach OK if needed. Wash with oxygenated bleach with no chlorine.The detergent should not already contain sodium percarbonate (the active ingredient in many oxygenated bleaches), or else you will risk overdoing it on your diapers. In addition, please choose a ZERO-RESIDUE detergent as far as possible since detergent residue will lead to leaking, absorbency, and odor. The detergent must also not contain any of the following additives: Fabric softeners, Natural oils, Perfumes, Dyes, UV brighteners, Stain guard ingredients, Enzymes.